Trail indicators are updated when conditions change. Ride at your own risk and within your abilities. Helmets are strongly recommended.

Stonehenge & Posthole
Cemetery Hill
Bullwhip & Hickory Smoked
Dynamite Rd
Three Ravines
Gravity Cavity & One Day
Psychopath & Turf
Campground & Grass Hill
Stone House

Check MTB Project for maps and trail descriptions.
  • Get your ride in early before we thaw again
    Adam Zart, Jan 26th, 7:55pm
Upper Canal
Lower Canal

  • Ride early before we rethaw
    Adam Zart, Jan 26th, 7:55pm
  • Freeze/thaw 🥶 conditions..ride only when frozen..
    Jason Downs, Jan 20th, 7:17am
  • Freeze-thaw. Andres Bike Park is hibernating.
    Ed Tanhueco, Jan 9th, 7:35am
  • More rain today
    Greg Bollinger, Jan 18th, 10:39pm
  • Snow. when it gets above freezing, don't ride, please.
    Lance David, Jan 22nd, 8:30am
  • Freeze / thaw - ride when frozen. Head to the pavement when you start tracking mud.
    Marc Elliott, Jan 9th, 6:25am